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Please note! This asset is still technically in development, I won't release something buggy that will break but some features may seem lacking as of now but will definitely be expanded on in later updates.



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JSON Objects is a framework that allows for objects to be controlled by a simple JSON file.

The extension contains a simple way to create new functions and change object behavior without the added wait time of recompiling your entire project for 1 simple change.

With every update comes new additions, fixes or changes so I have written documentation explaining the built in functions and will continue to update it with every update or hot fix.   Inside you'll find a simple example of a crop growing from a seed all the way to  fully grown crop to introduce you to some of the basic functions such as timers and setting sprites.


Whats coming next?

  • New Events
  • Inline Functions
  • Ordered Function Execution
  • Transform and Vector Functions
  • New render section with render functions..

More information

Published 148 days ago
AuthorAlex Macafee
Tagsasset, GameMaker, json, Moddable


Buy Now$3.99 AUD or more

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